Monday, 9 June 2014


These were my Monday favourites (let's forget the fact that it's last Monday), however seeing as my star tavi gevinson is in this months I-D (interviewed by Petra Collins); I HAD to get it.

Shoes: Henry Holland
Perfume: Balenciaga, Florabotanica
Make-up: Topshop Lip Bullet, Wine Red
I-D Magazine

I must say, this issue is insanely relevant and inspiring, to the extent that I feel like it's written specifically for me regarding their articles about perseverance when trying to make it big in the fashion industry. If you too are aiming for an ambitious career, I suggest you get this issue! This was my favourite double page spread:

When asked to describe the 'new age' of fashion, the photographer called it
"purity: It's the new age of innocence."  

This is insane inspiration and relevance to me because it reflects the intentions I hold when it comes to my interpretation of future fashion. I'm fairly modest when I dress, and this can be interpreted as innocent, and to be fair, I can be an angel at times (only at times) so it's got my name all over it. This article really made me think of future fashion and to be honest, it's impossible to completely narrow it down to a certain category because I'm pretty sure the future holds crazy and inventive types of fashion and subcultures, let's just say it's going to RAD.

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